Bodog's Airborne Online Casino

Bodog s Airborne Online Casino

This is not news from the land-based casino gambling industry, and it is not really news from the online casino gambling industry either. Think of it as being more like news from the air-based casino gambling industry. Joining the ranks of Virgin Airlines in some ways (Virgin is set to offer a functioning casino on one of their luxury jumbo jets), Bodog has been doing some flying of their own.

Bodog – the all-in-one online casino and gambling site known for branding their unique gambling lifestyle signed a deal with Inter Air Media to sponsor a fleet of Allegian Air airplanes back in April and it looks like their advertising campaign has successfully come to a close.

In what has come to be similar to Southwest Airlines promotion campaign for Sea World, in which several of their planes were wrapped with giant Shamu banners. Allegiant’s aircraft were wrapped in a similar style, but with the characteristic red emblazing of bodog casino. Going a step further, the company placed brochures about their online casino, sportsbook and poker room gambling business in the backs of passenger seats, and made in-flight announcements about their services. Even the surfaces of tray tables were covered with a blackjack table reminiscent of the Bodog online casino.

The entire deal cost Bodog around half-a-million, and was chiefly targeted on Allegiant planes flying out of Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, which is where Allegiant bases their low-fare fleet out of – offering service to thirty-two cities in the U.S.

Online Betting Site, Bodog, Brands Itself on Airline

The widely recognized all-in-one online gambling site, Bodog, should have their own Las Vegas casino, considering how much advertising they dish out in Sin City. The latest ingenious Bodog marketing scheme has been worked out with Allegiant Air, who will be advertising for the self proclaimed entertainment and gaming company over a three month time period.

Six Allegiant aircraft (150-seat MD80 passenger jets) will be decorated from the inside out in colors of red and black – not to mention the Bodog logo itself. The planes will be flying to and from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, and will be parked in Terminal D – the busiest airport runway in Las Vegas. The non-stop flight destinations for the planes will be in over thirty cities in the U.S.

Building on the branding campaign, which Bodog founder Calvin Ayre says is a great way for the company to spread its name in the continental U.S., the company will also be giving out free trips to Las Vegas for those travelers who also register for an account at Bodog’s online casino and deposit $20. Customer service has always been a part of Bodog’s advertising and marketing campaigns, which Ayre says will be evident on the flights through Allegiant Air.

Staying true to the Bodog name, the perks do not end there. Passengers will find free brochures with detachable blackjack and poker strategy cards in every plane seat, as well as fold-down trays that resemble blackjack tables. There will also be in-flight announcements on the latest happenings in the online gambling world.