Craps Betting in Set Denominations

A good online craps strategy will advise bettors to gamble in certain denominations in order to be paid out to the fullest and reduce the Casinos Advantage even more. If you can manage to do so with your bankroll, it is advisable that you stick to the most conducive denominations.

Otherwise, things can get kind of tricky.

For instance, in craps, some online casinos will use the term Full Double Odds, which essentially means that a bettor can have 2.5x odds on points of six or eight, and 2x odds on any remaining points to be had. The reason this is done is to roundly pay off 6 to 5 odds for a point of six or eight, when the bet is not done in multiples of five.

For example, a bet of $12 would have double odds worth $24, which cannot be paid in a round figure for points of six or eight. Instead of getting paid the true payoff of $28.80, the online casino will only pay out $28 in order to keep from dealing in small change. In order to correct this, a bet of $15 ($30 Double Odds) would return the maximum profit of $36.

Shortly Online Bingo Games Are Be Added To Online Partygaming Site

It is now possible to add more details to the earlier report of Online-Casinos on Partygaming’s daring new completely integrated online gambling site, this site which is clearly heading toward a new trend in online gambling site operation and structure.

Using a single registration system that links across all of the gambling site and one central account for of its games, Party Gaming is seeking to make the client’s playing experience even more enjoyable and convenient for its clientele. The site which already offers poker and online casino gaming to the group’s massive player database, is within the next few weeks, planning to add bingo to the available games for online play.

PartyAccount is the name being given to the newly shared purse. Features for the new are to include speedier access to tables, much more easier navigation along with the improvements to the prize structure of the ongoing Party tournaments. Further upgrades are planned to be introduced by mid-2006, including probably new games.

Richard Segal the Party Gaming CEO, is reported as saying that the company is now able to look toward cross-sell techniques, such as a variety of games crossing over the expanding customer base. Segal says that the company plans to enhance their Party-branded platform by introducing more games along with other features during the later part of the year. This according to Segal shall include the launching of multiple currencies and multiple lingual versions of the company’s products.