Video Poker Rules

Video card games, whether you play online or at a land a casino, have a lot in common with regular slot machines. This means that they are a risky bet, too. But with video poker, if you know how the machine operates, you will be able to make informed decisions that can increase your chances to win each hand.

The real skill involved in video poker involves knowing which machines to play and which cards to play. For those of you out there that just can’t bluff – this game is for you!

When playing video poker, you will follow the same hand ranking that you would follow when playing at a table. Other than hand ranking, these two types of poker playing really don’t have anything else in common.

Most players carry a strategy card when playing video poker. These cards come in very handy when playing video poker. Basically, they give the best possible next moves for you to make depending on what you your hand shows. It not not uncommon to see players at the machines checking their card before making decisions.

There are progressive an non progressive video poker machines. On a progressive machine, if you get a royal flush, you win the huge jackpot. But, this pay-out only happens when you are playing the maximum wager. (ie: if you are playing a five coin machine – you must be wager five coins to be eligible fro the progressive jackpot). NEVER PLAY A PROGRESSIVE MACHINE WITHOUT MAKING THE MAXIMUM WAGER.

Almost Twenty Skins Affected By Growing Network’s Decision

It is now being reported this week, by several online poker information portals, that the major online gaming supplier, Microgaming, has been joining strategy with the growing Merge Gaming poker network, in their mutual exclusion of Kentucky residents from all of their network activity. This is presumably being done as a precaution against the rapacious behavior of Kentucky governor Steve Beshear and his contingency-contracted lawyers as they are endeavoring to seize international domain names.

As much as it can be determined, the ban does not seem to apply to existing customers.

Originally known as Poker, Merge however, has been around since early 2007.On a particularly good night, the network usually attracts around 4,300 simultaneous players, and in addition, boasts almost 20 skins, including CarbonPoker, Poker Nordica, Iron Duke, Jam Poker, Texas Holdem, PDC Poker, Golden Arch Poker, G2Gpoker, Rumble Poker, Poker City, WalkerPoker, BetED Poker, RPM Poker, Spin32Poker, Lucky Hog, PokerOne, Reefer Poker, Wass Poker as well as ACED. The operation operates using a Kahnawake licence.

Meanwhile, Doyle Brunson, who is known to be outspoken and is a poker legend, through writing on his blog, has spoken out against this attempt on the part of Kentucky to hi-jack global industry domain names. He says that he is not going to explain all the legal issues, but that in his opinion, Kentucky is in for a hell of a battle and that every legal opinion that he has heard says they don’t have a chance of winning.